Mira, City of Elves

Merchant Lake

The party journeys south outside the gates of Mira towards the Swamp of Snog in pursuit of the rebel orc forces. After two days journey across the beautiful forests of Mira the companions come across Merchant Lake, a large expanse of water that acts as a cross roads between 2 large roads of trade through Mira. They successfully disarm a mob attacking a dwarven metalsmithing accusing her of shoddy workmanship. After investigating the party determines her ability to work was sabotaged by some sort of bardic performance. Further into the lake the party battles a crazed druid calling for the end of civilization along the lake's borders. The druid is defeated and an encrypted letter was found on his body. Someone gifted in Linguistics will be needed to translated. 

Journeying further south towards the Swamp of Snog the party crosses the crushberry fields of Mira. Late in the evening they run across an elderly couple under the influence of a viral blue fungus. Looking into their home, they battle and destroy the couples 4 adult children who had been slain by the mold and had come back as the vile undead. The couple was then taken back north to the lake where they are receiving treatment. they also find a key that was dropped by a goblin fleeing the crushberry farm. 



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